Historic Weldon originally was called Weldon’s Orchard because of the orchard planted here by Daniel Weldon, who founded the town in 1745. Located just below the fall line, at an altitude of 77 feet, Weldon was the head of navigation on the Roanoke River until the canal was built in 1823, which opened up river traffic to Virginia and stimulated the economy.

The Union Station of Weldon, North Carolina, holds a unique position in Southeastern railroading history. Aside from being one of the first railroad "hubs" in the US, it was one of just a few facilities jointly owned and operated by both the Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line Railroads. This article, the first in a two part series, will review history and geography of the Weldon area as it pertains to railroad activity.

Weldon’s National Registered Historic District was established in 1996. The residential neighborhoods are primarily frame constructions in the Italianate, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Neo-Classical Revival and Craftsman styles.

The commercial/railroad area is characterized by brick construction, following traditional forms and decoration fro the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Weldon’s Jail is the oldest standing public facility building in the town of Weldon and is located on First Street between the CXS overpass and Washington Avenue,. It is vacant and plans are underway to restore it this coming year and ;hopefully, it will become a tourist attraction for Historic Weldon. Erected in the 1880’s, it has served the citizens of Weldon in many ways.

The Roanoke Canal TrailThe Roanoke Navigation System began building the canal in 1819 and completed it in 1824. The trade of a vast Roanoke River that extended 370 miles into the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina was funneled into the fledgling community known as Weldon's Place.

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