Reailyn T. Stanback was born in Southern Pines, North Carolina, on February 27, 1943 to Hubert and Nellie Stanback. Commissioner Stanback attended Our Lady of Victory Catholic School and West Southern Pines High School before moving to New York City, New York.

In 1987, Commissioner Stanback enrolled in the University of the State of New York where he received his High School Equivalency Diploma. Upon completion, Commissioner Stanback was accepted to the New York City Technical College where he studied as a Medical Lab Technician. During his time in New York City, Commissioner Stanback served as Maintenance Supervisor at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, New York for thirteen years.

In 1997, Commissioner Stanback returned to North Carolina accepting a position with Halifax County Schools. Commissioner Stanback retired from this position after seven years of service. In 1998, Commissioner Stanback married Julia M. Thompson and they have been married for twenty years.

Commissioner Stanback received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from United Christian College and a Diploma in Doctrine of the Bible from Bethel School of the Bible. Upon his retirement, Commissioner Stanback has served the Town of Weldon in the Street Department and as the Animal Control Officer.

For the last eighteen years, Commissioner Stanback has been part of the community and the Town of Weldon. Commissioner Stanback founded Stanback’s Outreach Ministry, Inc. which reaches out to the citizens of the community. Commissioner Stanback is thankful to the citizens of Weldon for choosing him as one of their leaders and one of their board members.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

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