Weldon is known as the “Rockfish Capital of the World.” Every spring thousands of fishermen flock to the Roanoke River to catch their share of striped bass, also known as “Rockfish.”

At the Weldon Boat Landing, the Roanoke River provides spectacular rapids, which residents and visitors enjoy maneuvering with kayaks and canoes. This area is also the location of River Falls Park where one can sit and enjoy a beautiful afternoon relaxing, playing or having a picnic. Reservations for the large picnic shelter are available by contacting the Weldon Town Hall at 252-536-4836.

HOURS – The hours of operation for the playground and picnic shelters located in River Falls Park shall be from sunrise to sunset each day. Persons in the park after hours shall be considered trespassing, unless in performance of assigned duties authorized by the Town of Weldon or its designated official. The hours of the permittee’s reservation use are stipulated on the agreement. The user must adhere to the hours stated on the agreement, including the time necessary for setup and cleanup.

PARKING – All vehicles should park in designated parking areas. From MARCH 1 – MAY 30, all attendees must park in the grassed parking area between the walking trail and Hwy. 301 or the small lot at the restroom building. All the paved parking near the river is reserved for fishing vehicles only and is enforced by the NC Wildlife Commission.

PAYMENT – Cash, check or money order is the only methods of payment accepted. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Weldon.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS/WEAPONS – Alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons of any kind are prohibited in or on the park grounds or facilities and their use WILL NOT be tolerated. Violation of this policy may leave you subject to prosecution by the police.

SOUND EQUIPMENT/NOISE – Use of amplified sound equipment must receive prior approval from the Town of Weldon. Noise that disturbs others or that exceeds maximum decibel levels under Town Ordinance is not permitted.

CLEAN UP – The contact person/organization will be held responsible for returning areas used in the condition of cleanliness in which it was obtained. Trash cans are provided at the park. All garbage is required to be disposed of properly. Failure to leave areas in satisfactory condition could lead to the forfeiture of your right to use the park in the future and you will be charged a $50.00 clean-up fee.

LIABILITY – Depending on the type, size and nature of the activity, the Town of Weldon may require the permittee to provide proof of insurance. All persons and groups to whom a “Use” permit has been granted must agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Town of Weldon from any and all liability for injury to persons or property occurring as a result of this permit’s activity, and agree to be liable to said Town for any and all damage to any park, facility, building, equipment and furniture owned or controlled by the Town of Weldon, which results from the activity or permittee or is caused by any participant in said activity.

SECURITY – Depending on the type, size and nature of the event, the Town of Weldon may require the permittee to provide on-site security during the event. Proof of contract is required.


PETS – NO pets are allowed in the park.
PROFANITY is NOT tolerated in the park.
PICNIC TABLES – The picnic tables cannot be moved. You may bring additional tables and chairs at your own expense if needed.
GOLFING – NO GOLFING or driving of balls allowed in the park.
CAMPING – NO overnight camping is allowing in the park.

A special event is considered any celebration or gathering such as but not necessarily limited to entertainment, music, art exhibitions, sale of merchandise, food or any combination of the foregoing with attendance expected to exceed fifty (50) people.

Since River Falls Park is never closed to the public, all delivery and placement of equipment, chairs, tents, portable toilets etc. must be coordinated with the Town staff.

A Special Event permit must be obtained by the Town of Weldon Clerk’s Office prior to approval of the park permit and agreement.


2-4 HOURS: $25.00 for Weldon Town Residents / $50.00 for Non-Residents
FULL DAY: $100.00 for Weldon Town Residents / $200.00 for Non-Residents


$200 per day Weldon Town Residents / $400 per day Non-Residents

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Thursday, December 07, 2023

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