Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a program to prevent theft and burglary by permanently marking and registering valuable property and notifying potential thieves and burglars that this action has been taken.

How Does Operation Identification Prevent Theft?

The Operation ID program has four major advantages:

  • 1. It deters crime. Thieves and burglars are less likely to steal an item that can be positively identified and that will be difficult to sell.
  • 2. It provides positive identification. The owner of stolen or lost property can easily be located through existing records.
  • 3. It helps with criminal prosecution. The arresting officers can more readily use the stolen property in pursuing the case through the courts.
  • 4. It aids in recovery. Stolen and/or lost property is more likely to be returned to the owner.

How Are Items To Be Identified?

The Weldon Police Department Crime Prevention Unit suggests that you mark your valuables with your drivers license number or identification number that is issued to you by the North Carolina Drivers License Office so that your property can be easily traced and identified as yours. A typical marking should look like this:


Note that the standard 2 letter state abbreviation precedes the driver’s license number. The driver’s license number should be engraved on an area that cannot be easily removed and which is not easily seen, preferably adjacent to the manufacturers serial and or model numbers.

How Are Items To Be Marked?

There are various ways to mark your personal property, the most common being an electric engraver. Be sure to practice using the engraver on something of no value before you actually mark your items of value, there is no eraser!  Hold the engraver upright and use slow, smooth strokes.

What Property Should I Mark?

Mark anything of value that can be marked. Some items that are commonly stolen from homes, businesses, and vehicles are televisions, stereos, video cassette recorders, tape recorders, cameras, car audio equipment, compact disc players, microwaves, computers, printers, monitors, typewriters, sewing machines, tools, appliances, clocks, and much more.

What Should I Do With Property That Cannot Be Marked?

If an item is an heirloom or would lose its value if marked with an engraver then DO NOT engrave it! Follow the same procedure you would to have that item insured, photograph and/or video tape it and file that photo or video with a written description of the item. Be sure to have something else in the photo or video to show the size of the item.

Where Do I Obtain An Engraver?

The Weldon Police Department may be available for engraving by appointment.

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit by calling (252) 536-3136 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also see Home Inventory Form. Please take the time to mark your personal items of value. If you are a victim of theft, we want to be able to positively, without a shadow of a doubt identify  your belongings and prosecute the one that stole them!