Yard Debris Pickup Schedule


1st – 4th, Water, Mill, Smith, Washington Avenue, Maple Street, and Rockfish Drive



Corbitt Drive, Mackie, Allen, Johnston Road, Snead, Daniels Street, Daniels Street Ext., Cherry Street, and County Road


Chockoyotte, Brownell, Grant Drive, Holmes, Thomas, Winston, Woodruff, Prince, Fairground Lane, US 158, Stuart Circle, Longstreet Road, Lee Lane, Caroline Avenue, Shepherd Street and Chockoyotte Country Club Golf Course.


4th - 9th Streets, Elm, Sycamore and Washington Avenue


4th – 9th Streets, Elm, Maple, Sycamore, Cedar, Willow Drive, Maple Drive, Woodlawn Avenue, Sunset Drive, Fewell Avenue and Meadow Lane

The Town of Weldon holds CLEAN UP WEEK twice a year.  (Spring & Fall)  Dates will be announced.