Weldon NC Step Committee

North Carolina Small Towns Economic Prosperity (NC STEP) Program

This program has three primary goals:

  1. 1. Support economic recovery and revitalization
  2. 2. Provide technical assistance and grant making to aid revitalization efforts
  3. 3. Provide information vital to the development of public polices that support long term investment in the vitality of North Carolina’s small towns.

Team Mission Statement

The “Community of Neighbors Working on Weldon” will create a sustainable and safe economy building on Weldon’s history (historic heritage), natural resources, transportation, education and culture.

Vision Statement:

Weldon is a unique, beautiful, well-maintained, aesthetically enticing community of neighbors living in a strong, thriving economy with opportunities for business, tourists, real estate investment and family attractions and in which all of its citizens exhibit pride in their charming and quaint town.

Weldon Community Profile