The Façade Improvement Program assists property and business owners located within the downtown area to undertake storefront or building front improvements. These improvements can range from minor repairs and painting to substantial façade renovations on buildings used for commercial or office uses.

The goal of the program is to:

  • Encourage well-designed improvements;
  • Restore significant architectural elements of the structure, and
  • Coordinate the important features of a commercial or office storefront into a more visually attractive package.

These goals, in turn, are designed to increase the attractiveness of the downtown, increase patronage for the downtown businesses, and provide the impetus for further private investment in Weldon's downtown area. The program is funded through the Town of Weldon's Downtown Revitalization Grant and will be reviewed by the Weldon Board of Commissioners and administered by Weldon Town staff. This is a program funded by the Town of Weldon and is designed to promote economic development. However, it is also designed to provide incentives for more private investment in the downtown. Once funding is exhausted for a fiscal year, council may or may not choose to provide additional funding.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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