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Weldon's 10th Annual Catfish Challenge

Weldon's 10th Annual Catfish Challenge

1. POSTPONE TOURNAMENT: Organizers reserve the right to postpone tournament activity if the Roanoke River is deemed unfishable.

2. BOUNDARIES: Weldon Boat Landing to Hwy. 258 Bridge.

3. ONLY HOOK AND LINE: Fish must be caught on hook and line; no jug, noodling, bow or any other method of harvesting will be allowed. Any hooks or other items used in the harvest of the fish must be removed prior to presenting the fish for weigh-in.

4. ALTERED FISH: Any fish that appears to be altered in any form other than its normal biological makeup will be ineligible and may disqualify the angler from the tournament. Any foreign objects found in or on the fish being presented for weigh-in will not be allowed. Ice, sinkers, rocks, sand, or any other items found inside the fish will be grounds for disqualification. Tournament director/officials may require anglers to expose fish stomach to determine if it contains object that would disqualify the fish.

5.TOURNAMENT WEIGH-IN: Anglers must be in line by 11:30 a.m. for weigh-in. The tournament will consist of a two fish weight-in requirement per angler. The angler with the largest overall weight will win. Each registered angler must weigh in their fish only; no substitutes of weighing other anglers fish. Each angler will have a number and must present it at weigh in to be eligible for prize money. In the event of a tie, the angler who weighs in first will be declared the winner. The weigh masters decision is final

6. CATAGORIES & PRIZES: Based on the combined weight of TWO(2) Catfish weighed in. The payout this year for the tournament will be 3 places deep. The pot will be based on the number of entries. The tournament will retain 20% of each entry fee for operational cost with the remaining 80% divided up as follows: 1st place 50%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%. All Youth anglers will be competing for trophies 1st-3rd place. For Example, based on 50 angler entries @ $30.00 = $1500– 20% Tournament pot would be $ 1,200.00; 1st place would be $750.00, 2nd place $300.00, 3rd place $150.00; the more entries, the larger the pots. There will be a Calcutta pool available for largest fish overall, a $10.00 entry fee per angler for adult fisherman & woman. Largest Teen & Guppy Angler will be a $5.00 per angler fee. The payout will be 80% of the pot; tournament retains 20% for tournament expenses. This is where anglers can win some cash; the more entries into the Calcutta's, the larger the pot. Example of possible payout: 20 entries @ $10.00= $200.00/80% = $160.00 payout. Youth anglers will receive 100% of Calcutta payouts for their division, but not the overall pot.

7. DAMAGE, CLAIMS OR INJURY: By signing this form, tournament participants waive and release all contestants, sponsors and tournament officials from claims, injury or damage incurred in connection with this tournament.

Release: I have read and am familiar with the official rules and regulations. In signing this application, I hereby waive and release all contestants, sponsors and tournament officials from all claims, injury or damage incurred in connection with this tournament. I understand that I may be subject to a polygraph before winnings are paid or be disqualified from any winnings if found in violation of any state or tournament rules. It is the responsibility of each angler to ensure your safety on and off the river at all times during the tournament. Youth need to be accompanied by an adult at all times while fishing near or on the river banks due to the nature and possible hazardous condition near the water. Tournament officials and each entity associated with the tournament are not liable for any damages or injuries to anglers or their respective property at any time during the tournament. Each angler assumes the risk involved and release liability by signing this entry form. All youth anglers must have a guardian or legal custodian sign this release before being allowed to participate. Any questions regarding tournament rules need to be directed to tournament officials: at (252) 536-4836(Town of Weldon). Each angler must fill out, pay and be assigned a number before being eligible for prizes.

Event Properties

Event Date 05-16-2020 6:00 am
Event End Date 05-17-2020 12:00 pm
Registration Start Date 02-05-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Cut off date 05-14-2020 5:00 pm
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Tournament Sponsors

Event Sponsors: 51 Sycamore, Byrne Acquisition Group, DDRUGCO Discount Pharmacy, Garner Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Halifax Farm Bureau Insurance, M.J. Price Construction Co., Inc., New Dixie Oil Corporation, Rick’s Country Supermarket, Riverside Mill, Texas Steakhouse & Saloon, Weldon Mills Distillery
Sunday, April 05, 2020

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